Thursday, January 8, 2009

that's a wrap

thanks to all that participated in this years 12 days. looking forward to 2009. we are very likely going to have 3 groups with all of the interest we had this year. look for an email in early October!
Happy 2009!

day 12 group 1

holly made these quilted trivets but they look too pretty to sit a hot pot on. concentric circles of great patterns and fabrics. thanks holly.

day 13 group 2

you read right, 13 in this 12 days of Christmas. the more the merrier. paige made these darling felted, i'm calling mine a fairy house, ornaments. look at the tiny door and button window. too cute. okay, okay, i am going to have to get a tree next year, too many handmade ornaments that need to be put on display. thanks paige!

day 12 group 2

jessica made these fun colorful magnets for our group...they remind me of candy. i have enough to put on the fridge, in my studio and i might brave taking some to school although, i think they might quickly disappear. thanks jess. and a practical way to send them along...a baker we can use again!

day 11 group 2

a pretty necklace of swirled blue and clear glass on a silk cord. earrings to match. thanks so much for this contemporary jewelry. we are going to have the best accessories for 2009!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 11 Group 1 - Flower Power

How sweet are these tulle broaches by Claire Bear? Something about these reminds me of Molly Ringwald's dress in Pretty in Pink. I love the assortment of the packages as much as the gifts.

Day 10 Group 1 - Where did we leave off...?

These were the holiday hit in the Lou. So many of the girls from the group were wearing these around town. I believe they are all a little different. Thanks to Kim from the Ok state.