Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Group 4 - i will be posting one gift each day under this Post!

# 8- Kristi Orlet, Edwardsville, il.

glittery snowman on red craft paper 

a charming cutout ceramic snowflake and a star magnet!

#7- Robin Springer,  O'Fallon, Il.

Angel gift wrap

a festive peppermint snowman lollipop pin!

#5- Tasha Hock, Shafer, Mn. 

Gold tissue wrapping paper

an elegant red and gold hand-dyed silk scarf! 

#4- Beth Maue, Highland, Il. 

clear bag with a sparkling green tag!

a fun little bracelet of grey buttons!   

#3- Theresa Fuesting, Glen Carbon, Il.
peppermint box

an adorable felted bird ornament!!

#2- Leslie Wulff, St. Louis, Mo.

black and hot pink tin box

a beautiful black ribbon and jeweled bookmark!!

#1 Leslie Townley,  St. Louis, Mo.

lovely faux bois packaging!

inside was this cute Christmas owl!


nuttnbunny said...

All Group 4 gifts have been STUNNING!!

Plus, Claire, totally loving your 12 Days staging area! :-)

LindaJean said...

I love all of the gifts! I'm a new to this, so I started opening the gifts backwards, thinking that it was like a grown-up advent calendar. Luckily, I looked on the blog and figured it out! The gifts are so beautiful. I'm already thinking about what I can make for next year.

Kristi Dickens said...

Hey Beth M. - I forgot to tell you when I sent out my gifts, my parents live one street over from you :)