Sunday, November 2, 2008

new music

i updated the blog with holiday music!
i was starting to get into the spirit puting it together.  i think this will inspire me to finish making my gifts.  
this might just be the best christmas mix ever!
i hope you enjoy!


gillian said...

I'm usually a no-Christmas-music-til-after-Thanksgiving girl, but in the spirit of this project, (and mostly because I'm completely geeked out that Weezer of all people has a Christmas song...who knew???), I'm making an allowance this year. While visiting this blog. And working on my project. :)

Thanks, Claire!


claire said...

i feel the same about starting the decorating or playing christmas music too early! but...
glad you like it! i tried to cover a wide spectrum of music. but mostly cool!! hee hee!

claire said...

p.s.s. i have that two song christmas album on vinyl.
i don't technicallly, even own a record player.
i used to be a real geek about weezer! i still love the music.