Sunday, November 9, 2008

tree trimming

these would be fun to make. i like the unfinished folksy look. has anyone else been hearing Christmas music on the radio? I am getting ready for silver bella this weekend and then it is full steam ahead on the 12 days.

*does anyone have a preference for her gift number? I will assign them soon. speak now of forever hold your peace.

December 1st deadline for creating. Items will be shipping around this time.


..Jenny said...

Tosha! Yes, I did go to the STL vineyard and do know your parents! They are such sweethearts! Haven't seen them in years! I wasn't married back when I knew them though. How is Danielle doing?
It's good to see you're all in the Christmas spirit! I'm getting really excited for the holidays this year too and I'm normally a total grinch.

God bless!

amyp said...

When do we start opening again?? That might make a difference in which number I would like. Probably right in the middle would be my preference.

Maggie said...

Yes! Let's assign the numbers. I've been wondering. I don't have a preference myself.

claire said...

i already said i love 10!! maybe i can get it right this year!