Sunday, December 7, 2008

Checking in from Chicago

So, I have finally got my ducks in a row, so to speak. I got my holiday cards in the mail(check). Found these super cute cards from SpringOlive at etsy.
With any luck 12 days gifts are going out Monday (check). I told myself, I wouldnt put this off and here I am sending all 12 out priority.

I am making a run to Michael's for clear glass ornaments. I think I am glutton...I agreed to make 54 ornaments for the board of my school. Why do I agree to these things? Well at least I have 3 classes of eager teenagers that will help.
We have had our first few days of snow and super cold weather here in the Chi. Not enough to call off school, but enough to raise the question, why do I live here?
So, Adam (bless his heart) is washing the lovely mixture of salt and snow melt off my car and then we are off to run more errands on this freezing Sunday?

What about you? Have you completed all your Christmas chores? I still need to shop but am convincing myself that my procrastination is waiting for my trip to NY with Holly and Tracy to shop. We'll see. I just cant seem to get in the shopping mood.


Tasha Roe said...

sounds to me like you are on the ball. the winter crud has kicked our butts around here. as soon as i start to feel better andy and ella get it. yuck.

i am going to mail my goodies out tomorrow. they have actually been finished for a good week or two. i shocked myself. :)

stay warm!

gillian said...

I've done very little shopping, and I'm actually feeling a bit ahead of the game because I've gone so far as to give a fleeting thought about sending out Christmas cards. Haven't technically purchased any, but hey, baby steps.