Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snail Xmas - What? Day 8 Group 1

There is no way this photo is going to do this print justice. There is such a delicate softness that one could only see in person. Glad so many frame shops are having sales, I cant wait to get this on the wall. This diptych is from Jodi and Elliot in St. Louis. Jodi has a great eye. A few years back she took portraits of my sisters and I for my parents as a Christmas gift. Thanks Jodi and E

ps. snail xmas is the title of the print. if you look close there are snails on the trees.

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claire said...

this photo was so beautiful! you could almost imagine a little deer or bird getting ready to come into the picture. alice had hers hanging up at her place and it was in a perfect frame. i am trying to find the perfect frame as well. thanks jodi and E