Tuesday, December 16, 2008

pretty posies! day 3 group 2

Dawn (Hopper) Busher crocheted these darling flowers. I pinned mine on on the way out the door this morning. Thank you Dawn.


Dawn said...

YAY! So glad you like it!

Paige Reed said...

Dawn... This little beauty got pinned directly to my sweater this morning.
I even changed my shirt so I'd match. I love it!
And? When the temp gets above freezing? I will wear it outside my house happily! LOL!
I told Natasha that you need to do a little email tutorial on them for people like me who could put out an eye when they pic up a crochet needle..

gillian said...

Dawn, I can barely crochet a single chain, much less a flower. So I have mongo respect for this little beauty! Coming soon to a scarf near me. :) Thank you! :)


kristi-d said...

Thanks Dawn!!! This makes a nice addition to to my flower pin collection :)

Brooke Williams said...

these are too cute!

Lizabeth said...

Love it! Thank you!