Friday, December 19, 2008

day 5 and 6 group 2

day 6. i made earrings for everyone. i found these petite top drilled pearls and was inspired. they remind me of snowflakes. hope everyone likes them.

day 5, we opened up stitched felt ornaments. beautifully crafted. thank you donna mae.


gillian said...


Seriously, Beth, they are SO pretty!!! I'm wearing them as I type this. THANK YOU! :)

And Donna Mae's ornaments are so freakin' cute! LOVE the stitching, Donna Mae. Just beautiful!

I'm having such a good time with this whole process...I'll be a little sad once we're done. :)


kristi-d said...

Beth and Donna Mae-

The earrings and ornaments are both so pretty!!! I wore the earrings to school today and hung the ornaments up high so the kitties can't get to them- they love them possibly more than I do :P

Thanks!!! Kristi

Lizabeth said...

These are fantastic!!!! Thank you ladies!

Paige Reed said...

I am jumping on the Big Love Bandwagon here!!! I LOVE the earrings, they are so very swank and sparkly.
And don't EVEN get me started on the big bundle of cuteness those ornaments are, Donna Mae!! They, like my earrings, are going to get year-round use!
Thank you both, ladies!