Monday, December 15, 2008


Group 1 -
In my mad dash to get these out the door, one of my students was a gem and took some pictures of my final packages.

I found these fun recycled envelopes on etsy at pickalapoopa
She was such a kind seller, offering to hand deliver here in Chicago. Made from recycled materials this seller's attention to detail is amazing.

Well I hope everyone is staying warm. Here is Chicago we went from 50 to 8 degrees in less than 10 hours. There is also a nice blanket of ice.

Cant wait to open #2!

*Please let me know if anyone besides Beth, had to pay additional postage! I used the automated postage machine and thought all envelopes were created equal.

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Anonymous said...

You have angered the postal gods with your treacherous square envelopes..... I'm afraid you have doomed us all......... :P