Saturday, December 20, 2008

day7 group 2

Maggie sent along this matted classic Polaroid photograph. love the composition and the red and green. did you know that they no longer make Polaroid film and there is a movement to save Polaroid. thanks for giving us this endangered/soon to be extinct gift. i am going to buy a frame tomorrow. i have the perfect spot picked out!


Anonymous said...

I cut the mat so it would fit a simple 8x10 frame. Enjoy!

Lizabeth said...

Thanks Maggie!! I love my polaroid and am so happy to have a soon to be vintage piece on my wall!!!

gillian said...

You know, when I opened this, I thought, "Wow, I'm really holding a piece of history here." Cool idea, Maggie! Thank you!


Paige Reed said...

I have this fabulous goodie up on my shelf in my dining room right now. I just love it and I am very happy to report that I have the perfect frame to put it in! I just have to brave the cold garage... :)

Thank you!!

kristi-d said...

Love the pic Maggie :) Can't wait to put it up in the kitchen!!!