Wednesday, December 17, 2008

cute cards day 4 group 2

anne sent along these cute cards for day 4. i love the happy birthday card. what a treat these will be to send and receive. thanks anne!


brooke said...

are these group one or two? Group one got cards as well, but they were different. Just checking. I am going to post group 1 day 2 since I seem to be the only one with a gift in tact.


Paige Reed said...

These lovelies are group 2. Anne! Thank you for the darling cards. I love the little bitty coordinating flower stamped on each envelope too. There is just something about handmade cards that makes this girl smile!

gillian said...

Thanks so much, Anne! I love having cute notecards on hand to send correspondence to teachers and whatnot. These are adorable!


kristi-d said...

Thanks Anne!!! I am the biggest slacker when it comes to card-sending, now I'm hooked up!!!