Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's in the bag! day 2 group 2

kristi (orlet) dickens sent along darling sewn bags in vintage fabrics. how did you have time? i think the consensus is that the bag will make the perfect lunch bag. we will be the envy of the lunch table. let us know if you have found another way to show off your adorable bag. thanks kristi


Paige Reed said...

Kristi! I love, love, love this tote!!!!
I can't wait to use it. I think it is going to be my "tote-for-many-purposes". :)

gillian said...

Thanks again, Kristi! As I mentioned earlier, this bad boy will soon be toting around my portable knitting projects with pride. :) I LOVE THIS.


kristi-d said...

Glad you liked it :) I was just so excited to finally get my sewing machine set up!!!